Health Helper founder, medical technology expert, trendsetter, visionary, and inventor of award-winning medical devices.
Eugene Zabolotsky
Launched billion-dollar pharmaceutical products and medical devices, orchestrated clinical trials & regulatory compliance, and advised top healthcare companies globally
Сreated a portfolio of award-winning, nature-inspired, clinically tested, direct-to-consumer medical devices that will completely revolutionize the approach to treatment
Let's talk about numbers
$ 3,000,000,000 +
Involved in the launch of 3 blockbuster pharmaceutical products
150,000,000 +
Online Impressions for the Bite Helper device
50,000 +
Bite Helper units sold since launch
Countries where I have visited and worked
Interviews on TV channels & magazines
Clinical trials at the world's top universities
Healthcare associations and memberships
Countries where I have visited and worked
Interviews on TV channels & magazines
Clinical trials at the world's top universities
Healthcare associations and memberships
I travel the world to discover the latest medical technologies and bring them to market.
I thrive @ the intersection of health and technology
I am on a mission to offer consumers best-in-class medical devices to improve their health.
Member of the medical community and healthcare associations
Why I got involved in healthcare?
I have been involved in healthcare all my life. As a young boy with severe food allergies, mealtimes posed potential dangers for me. Fortunately, my family's medical background and holistic approach to health helped me manage my allergies without relying solely on medication. My father encouraged me to lead a healthy lifestyle through competitive sports and physical activities, which instilled in me the importance of addressing underlying problems for lasting results rather than simply masking symptoms.
Inspired by my personal journey towards wellness, I studied health sciences and pursued a career in healthcare. Through my experience in the pharmaceutical industry, I learned about the significant side effects of polypharmacy and long-term medication use. This realization, combined with my belief in exploring technology-based alternatives to pharmaceuticals, led me to the field of medical devices that are designed to address the root cause of a health condition while minimizing harmful side effects on the body as a whole.
With a passion for innovation, I traveled the world to discover the latest medical technologies with the goal of marketing them directly to consumers. During my travels in Africa, I recognized a need to help people deal with insect bites, so I invented and successfully launched my first medical device, the award-winning Bite Helper®. Since then, I have created a portfolio of nature-inspired medical devices under the Health Helper brand that will revolutionize the approach to treatment in Dermatology, Arthritis, ENT, Mental and Women’s Health. I am on a mission to offer consumers the best-in-class medical devices to improve their health.
Comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry with a proven track record of success
Global Expertise
Monsanto, Pharmacia, Pfizer, Celebrex, Detrol, Lyrica, etc.
Launched and marketed billion-dollar pharmaceutical products in Arthritis & Pain, Women's Health, and Mental Health markets.
PharmaTrials International
Involved in orchestrating clinical trials and regulatory compliance.
Regis Univeristy
MBA Healthcare Management and Marketing
Bone Healing Devices, Viscosupplementation
Launched and marketed medical devices into the Orthopedic and Pain Management market.
Quintiles, ProStrakan
Business Development Consultant, successfully launched Sancuso, a transdermal medical device for the oncology market.
Maxogen Group, CEO
Established an FDA-registered medical device manufacturing company. Invented, designed, manufactured, and successfully launched the award-winning Bite Helper.
Health Helper, Founder & CEO
Сreated a portfolio of award-winning, nature-inspired, clinically tested, direct-to-consumer medical devices.
My goal is to reduce over-the-counter (OTC) drug use by 30% worldwide in 5 years, and in 15 years to completely change the way people approach treatment — switching from medications to the use of drug-free medical technologies.
This will reduce drug related side effects and chronic diseases by 75%. Take a look at this.
Global Mission That Inspires Action
Work Achivements
Vice President's Club
Circle of Excellence
Widen the Gap Winner
Celebrex Rules Winner
District SM Award Winner
Arthritis Salesman Award
2018 CES
Innovation Award winner.
Top 10 best products Indiegogo Marketplace.
Princeton University Medical Device presenter Award.
Top product on the Grommet marketplace.
Top 5 Amazon coolest gadgets.
QVC and HSN TV featured product.
Successfully sold in the world's top marketplaces.
Featured in top news outlets Mashable, Insider, Fox, CBS, ABC.
I create award-winning products
I believe patients deserve better treatment options. That’s why I have created Health Helper — a portfolio of award-winning, nature-inspired, clinically tested medical devices to improve people's health
Revolutionizing healthcare with Best-In-Class medical devices
Health Helper's innovative medical technologies quickly and effectively help people without harmful side effects.
Medical technologies that offer an alternative to pharmaceutical treatments.
Non-medicated, chemical and drug-free.
Clinically tested at the world's top medical universities.
Developed by doctors and scientists.
Sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Over my 25-year career in healthcare at Monsanto, G.D. Searle, Pharmacia, Pfizer, Smith & Nephew, and Quintiles, I have been privileged to learn from the world's best mentors, innovators, and thought leaders, allowing me to build a network of incredible advisors.
Range of Services
My team of experts and I offer a comprehensive range of services to create, launch, and market innovative medical products.
Ideation and Branding
Clinical Research
Market and IP Research
Marketing and Sales
Design and Development
Import and Export
Regulatory Compliance
Pre-Launch Strategy
Manufacturing Selection
Retail Distribution
Logistics and Storage
Promotion and Publicity
Do you have an idea for the healthcare industry or are you working on the latest medical innovation?
Let's discuss it and bring it to the market.
I want to learn more about your projects in Digital Health, SaMD, Artificial Intelligence, Telemedicine, Extended Reality (XR), and explore opportunities for collaboration, technology transfer, and funding
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NECVA First Team Selection, MVP Volleyball
Warren Sixpack Volleyball Team
Gold Medal World Scholar-Athlete Games Volleyball
Gold Medal Iron Horse Award; MVP, Volleyball
Gold Medal Empire State Games Volleyball
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